Artwork Guidelines

Our definition of 'Print Ready Artwork' is a file supplied directly from you that is ready to print and requires no changes on our behalf. This file is directly processed by our large format printers. If you are supplying print ready artwork, here is our guide of how to setup your files. Getting this correct from the start can save a lot of time when deadlines are tight.

File Format

We can accept files in PDF, EPS, JPG, PSD and TIFF formats. Unfortunately we cannot accept Microsoft Office files e.g. Word and Publisher, these will need to be exported to a PDF for us to use.


Some of our products require the artwork to be placed on a template to be processed. You can download all our templates here.


All live fonts need to be outlined. If you are supplying artwork for CAD Cut Vinyl make sure the height of the smallest text is no less than 13mm.


All images will need to be embedded within the artwork file.


Bleed is only needed if we have to cut your item to a specific shape. This means if the cutter slightly moves you won't be left with a white edge. Banners generally don't need bleed however if bleed is added make sure crop marks are present. Some of our templates require specific bleeds and print free areas. Please see the relevant template for more information.

Print Free Area

Some of our products require a text free area, This is because this area is visable but may have eyelets or joins that restrict the view of any important text. Our templates will show any text free areas needed.


The higher the resolution the better, however too much can make the file sizes quite large which can make it hard to send. We recommend your file is no less than 300dpi when your artwork is scaled to 50% of the full size. The best way to check this is to scale the artwork to full size and view the banner at 100%. If its sized at 50% of the size view the artwork at 200%.

Colour Settings

All files must be set to CMYK colour format. Any files set to RGB can look vibrant on screen but will dull when our large format printer converts them to CMYK and may create unexpected results. If you have colours set to spot colours or Pantone / Ral colours, our large format printers will match this the best it can, however we cannot guarantee a match. If you require a good solid black, change the values to C20 / M20 / Y20 / K100. This will help your blacks looking 'washed out'. Please do not use the overprint function on your files as this may create unexpected results.


We aim to check all artworks that come into us and if we see any errors on your ready to print artwork we will point this out before we print. This can be anything from pixelated artwork or the wrong size artwork supplied. Please note we will not be held responsible for any errors on your artwork or for files that have not been setup to our guidelines as above. If we choose to correct any of your files to adhere to these guidelines we reserve the right to charge additional fees which will be discussed prior to printing.