Care and Maintenance

Banners are one of the cheapest and most effective ways of attracting interest in your promotion or event. However, nothing can be less effective than a poorly displayed or damaged banner.

 Award Banner and Signs produce banners that are made with a durable reinforced PVC that should last a long time when properly installed. To prevent tearing and ensure long life, follow the guidelines below.


When you order your banner, make sure you request the material and finishing that is suitable for the place you are displaying it. These are explained on the product page under 'Product Descriptions'

We can supply suitable fixings to display your banner. See our Fixings section for more information.

Whether you are using cable ties, rope, bobble ties or using the screw and washer method we recommend using all eyelets supplied as each eyelet used helps share the tension any wind forces upon the banner. Additional eyelets can be requested at an additional charge if needed.

If you are unsure always contact an expert installer to discuss your needs.

Always make sure you have permission to display your banner from the landowner/landlord. Restrictions may apply for displaying banners in your area, contact your local council for more information.

Award Banner and Signs Ltd will not be held responsible for damage that might be done to the banner (or caused by the banner) that have been installed by others.


An outdoor PVC banner is effectively a 'sail without a ship'. As mentioned earlier, banners are an excellent ways of attracting interest however, they are meant to be used temporarily and should not be used as a substitute for a permanent sign.

Please make sure all banners are taken down in extreme weather as this may damage the banner or cause damage to property.

Award Banner and Signs Ltd will not be held responsible for damage that might be done to the banner (or caused by the banner) while in use.

Storage and Maintenance

When storing or transporting your banners make sure the banners are rolled up with the print to the inside to prevent creasing and scuffing. This may not be an option with larger banners due to length so it is best to loosely fold the banner instead. When possible open up the banner flat to prevent creasing.

Over time your banner may become dirty, if so it can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth with a soap and water mixture. Do not use any other chemicals on the banner as this may react with the ink and material.

If you need anymore information please call our team on 0113 2469966